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I’m legit imagining Cecil walking around, occasionally mentioning something about the weather and wondering why everyone looks at him so strangely as music begins to play out of nowhere

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Holy crap.

So you know how Steve says that Cecil has gotten a lot softer over the past year?
And I think we all know it’s because of Calros

What if Carlos had never arrived in Night Vale?
What would Cecil be like now?

Would he have cared enough about the people of Night Vale to rebel against Strex?

Or would he have become another puppet like Kevin?

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Everyone’s mad at Cecil but-

He’s just looking out for Janice.

We all are forgetting that in Night Vale you can get kidnapped and thrown in “illegal detention” or “re-education” just for knowing things.

He’s just over-protective, and yeah, he’s taken it a bit far but, he’s just a scared uncle.

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If you’d have told me a year ago that Steve Carlsberg would have slithered into my mind as one of my favourite characters I never would have believed you, and yet here we are